Thursday, April 29, 2010

A real stinker...

After a strange little beast landed on my shoulder while watching a movie at a friend's house, I was immediately informed to remain still until the little guy was captured and removed. Not killed or squashed, mind you, simply removed. Apparently, they stink when threatened or killed. I have not as of yet witnessed this noxious odor myself so I can't help describe to you the scent, however I may be doing a little devious experimentation this spring next time I see one...don't tell PETA.

Halyomorhpa halys or "the brown marmorated stink bug" are from China and they showed up about a decade ago on the east coast. They've now made their way to several states including Oregon. Apparently, fruit and soybeans are at the top of their list of munchables. Great, just what our berries need. It's not known what kind of threat they are yet (at least it's not known to me) to our crops although they can infest and overwinter in your home and cause quite a ruckus because of their odor. It's best to seal up all the cracks and windows before they get a foothold into your house.

Clumsy fliers with bad breath-they won't be making a lot of friends in the new country they call home...

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