Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Meyer Lemon is Crying

Now I remember why I don't keep houseplants. They are fussy little fuss-budgets and rightly so-I would be too if someone kept me in a box, gave me an occasional glass of water, didn't let me shower and kept me on a restricted diet.

So I know nothing about citrus plants except that they need sun and that I really can't provide in Portland, in April. I'm hoping that I can repot it and keep it alive until summer-at which point it's going outside and soaking up the sun.

Something is eating it. There is sticky stuff on the leaves so I'm thinking that it may have a sap-eater. Some leaves are notched and whatever the culprit it snacks at night. I really don't know what else to do at this point except to repot it and spray the leaves. I could keep it under a lamp, but is this realistic?

I could get rid of it. Bring it to a farm upstate, "take it to the river." But what do I tell my friend that gave it to me? Now I feel guilty. Now I have to nurse it back to life. Thanks Catholicism.

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