Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plant banishment

The Meyer Lemon Tree has fallen out of favor. I've not completely given up on it yet, but after I woke up one morning to an army of ants swarming on and around it and marching towards the kitchen I grabbed it and banished it to the fire escape-I haven't visited it since then.

Normally, I'm less cruel and quickly kill plants I don't like or that are dying. But I'm going to give this guy one more chance if he has the will to live. I'm going to re-pot it and stick it outside even though it's still really much too cool for it here in Portland. I simply can't bring it back inside what with the sap suckers and now the ants. Still, I can't seem to completely toss it, esp since it was given to me as a gift. You have one more chance Meyer...

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