Monday, May 17, 2010

Cows, manure, and you

I just ran across a company that looks like it's actually doing something good for the environment rather than just ranting and raving about how the world's going up in flames. They're called Organix (not the most original name, but okay) and they're based in Walla Walla, WA-and if you haven't been there, take a little vacation. It's quiet, beautiful and the wine is exceptional esp for the prices.

I digress. Organix sells a peat moss alternative and a compost made from cow manure that's been fussed with and made nice and fluffy for you. If you want a slightly more scientific explanation than the one I offer, visit the website:

If you go to Walla Walla, make sure you stop by Woodward Canyon for some out of this world wine and then hit Merchants for a really tasty deli sandwich on fresh homemade bread.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ed Begley Jr and other Gardening Mysteries

I just finished reading Garden Rant's post referring to Ed Begley Jr's latest "eco-indulgent idea" on how the White House should get rid of its lawn (not to mention several other half-baked, Hollywood poolside ideas on how to make the world a better place).

While I spend the afternoon trying to figure out how and why I should have some goofball B-lister dictate to me what happens in my yard, I will also try to ponder other gardening mysteries that Garden Rant reveals such as what manned Mars expeditions have to do with gardening and why it is that anyone thinks synthetic turf as an alternative to lawn is in any way, shape or form going to catch on in this country. Hmm, products that never caught on. The segway, the Yugo, warm toilet paper, pet rocks, New Coke, cow fart offsets.

Maybe Woody Harrelson, Ed Begley Jr and Matthew McConaughey will save the world by getting really stoned and creating an orbiting Global Hemp Shield that prevents global warming and is powered by BEAD: Bong exhalation and drumming.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surviving the so-called frost

Well, Portland didn't actually hit freezing last night as was predicted-some out-lying areas got a little nip, but we survived. Since I'm not really growing any vegetables right now, I wasn't too concerned but I can see how others might go nuts with the plastic wraps and wall-o-waters in attempts to keep the tender starts alive and thriving. So this is why gardeners say wait until after the last frost to start your warm weather plants...

Do pay attention to the weather reports this time of year and keep some little plastic jackets handy...hmm, I'm having a marketing idea. Little sweaters, scarves and hats for your plants. Better patent that one before someone steals it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reblooming lilacs!

According to the Portland nursery website, two new lilacs are around and ready to perform twice for you! "Bloomerang" and "Josee" are two repeat pink bloomers-once in spring, again in summer or fall. Both get to be about five feet tall and wide so you're not going to have a really large plant. Make sure you remove the spent blossoms and keep your eyes out for a second bloom-yeehaw!