Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ed Begley Jr and other Gardening Mysteries

I just finished reading Garden Rant's post referring to Ed Begley Jr's latest "eco-indulgent idea" on how the White House should get rid of its lawn (not to mention several other half-baked, Hollywood poolside ideas on how to make the world a better place).

While I spend the afternoon trying to figure out how and why I should have some goofball B-lister dictate to me what happens in my yard, I will also try to ponder other gardening mysteries that Garden Rant reveals such as what manned Mars expeditions have to do with gardening and why it is that anyone thinks synthetic turf as an alternative to lawn is in any way, shape or form going to catch on in this country. Hmm, products that never caught on. The segway, the Yugo, warm toilet paper, pet rocks, New Coke, cow fart offsets.

Maybe Woody Harrelson, Ed Begley Jr and Matthew McConaughey will save the world by getting really stoned and creating an orbiting Global Hemp Shield that prevents global warming and is powered by BEAD: Bong exhalation and drumming.

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