Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spotting that elusive prey: the perfect client

I happened to briefly take in a conversation (if you can call it that) today on my midday jog that made me cringe. A homeowner standing in her yard "talking" to a garden designer while several children screamed, phones rang, dog's peed willfully on anything green and growing. To make matters worse, the woman was just totally a loud know it all-you know what. I was overjoyed that I could continue to run away from her even though my heart went out to that poor garden designer. I was once her.

Donald Trump might disagree with me (but that is why he is rich and I am not). I simply don't take obnoxious troublemaking clients anymore and I can spot them the second I pull up. Some people you just don't click with, but these people make everyone's life a living hell (and if you feel sorry for their contractors how about their spouses?)

The perfect client is the opposite of this woman. The perfect client is not necessarily a perfect person, but a person who listens to you and realizes that you actually know more than her-because that is why you were hired, right? Pretty simple. Thankfully, they flourish in abundance around Portland. There will always be weeds that need to be yanked no matter how lovely the garden...

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