Monday, March 15, 2010

Growing a Meyer Lemon tree indoors

A friend of mine just gifted me a fragrant and pretty improved Meyer Lemon tree. I'm not much of a houseplant kind of gal, but I'm excited about this plant because it might provide some tasty little lemons for me-that is, if I can get it right.

I've done some research and it looks pretty basic. I'll need to re-pot it with some slightly acid all purpose potting mix, keep the room temperature between 70 and 55 degrees, keep the soil evenly moist, mist the leaves, and place it in a sunny spot in the house.

Okay, fine, easy. But wait, because this is an indoor plant I'm told that I'll have to pollinate it myself with a Q-tip or other some such implement. Okay, I'll take the challenge, but my cheeks are already a little red...

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