Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bulb Senility

Bulbs often mystify gardeners. Where did my daffidols go? I know there were some tulips here somewhere...I saw them last spring, didn't I? Maybe I am getting senile. Can I blame my memory loss on global warming as well?

I admit I forget about bulbs once their foliage dies off and the holidays are well on their way-esp when I've been digging away in a client's yard. Oops. That's where he planted his beloved snowdrops...oh delicate harbinger of spring...

Here's an incredibly easy way to remember where you planted your bulbs. Take photos of them. And here's the really easy part. Take photos of them while they are blooming! Make sure you have some perspective and some points of reference so that you can easily recognize the area of your yard. File your pictures and date them. And if you're the kind of bulb maniac that digs up your bulbs and plants new ones every year good for you. I'm too lazy. Besides, bulbs are expensive, hey?

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