Thursday, March 11, 2010

Introducing the Carnivorous Ghost Slug

Yes, carnivorous. A recently discovered slug in Wales, it hunts worms at night. There have been several sightings throughout Wales and it is believed to have been a stowaway on potted plants imported into Wales-its origins may be, according to National Geographic, deep caves in Turkey and surrounding regions.

The ghost slug has blade-like teeth that sucks down worms and other prey like a noodle. One end of the worm may still be alive as it consumes and then slices through the other end. Yum! Nature is a relentless mistress.

Like all invasive species, it may take time to see if the ghost slug is a threat to native worms and other native critters. Maybe I should incite a protest downtown. Ghost slugs! Not in my backyard!
I'd hate to lose a pinky...

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